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TSCC Profile

The Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association

General Introduction

The Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association (TSCC) is the registered largest authoritative organization of thermal spray industry at Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, which belongs to China Surface Engineering Association with its secretariat based in Beijing.

The Thermal Spraying Committee (TSCC) has over 800registered members that from Machinery, Chemical, Iron & Steel, Aerospace and Aircraft, Petroleum, Electronics, Coal, Automobile, Military Project, Shipping, None-ferrous, Light Industry, Energy, Traffic, Electric Power and Building Materials etc. 

Main Tasks of TSCC and Secretariat:


  To strengthen the construction of TSCC organization, and enrich the association council, actively developing members and supply service for members;


  Issue the “ Qualifications Certificate for Thermal Spraying Industrial Enterprises ”and the “Work license for Thermal Spraying Technical Operators”;


  Organize and hold International Thermal Spraying Seminar (ITSS) and China National Thermal Spraying Conference (CNTSC) annually, edit and publish proceedings. Carry out international cooperation and academic exchange, and participate in the cooperation with international thermal spraying market;


  Publish the “Thermal Spraying Technology” and the “Thermal Spraying Newsletter” etc. professional thermal spraying journals regularly;


  Edit and publish the “Yearbook of China Thermal Spray Industry”;


  Organize and Hold the International Thermal Spraying Exposition in China regularly;


  Co-sponsor Unit of the International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition (ITSC) with ASM and DVS;


  Positively develop the relationship with foreign thermal spraying associations and industrial  organizations, and made good relationship with ASM International - Thermal Spray Society (TSS), DVS-German Welding Society, German Thermal Spray Society(GTS), Japanese Thermal Spray Society (JTSS), High Temperature Society of Japan (HTS), TSSEA-Thermal Spraying & Surface Engineering Association(UK) and the International Thermal Spray Association (US);


  Organize and Participate in the International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition (ITSC) and advanced foreign thermal spraying technical investigation delegation;


  Facing the industry, providing a comprehensive range of services, such as providing technical communication, technical advices, technical services, technical development, technical transfer, project appraisal and evaluation, etc;


  Establish, popularize and promote the implementation of thermal spraying industrial and relevant national standards;


  Develop the relationship with foreign thermal spray enterprises actively, improve and assist the cooperation between domestic and international thermal spraying enterprises, so as to improve the developing levels of China thermal spraying technology.